Lead Generation

We develop strategic email campaigns that are short, specific to your Ideal Customer Profile and relevant to your company offering, helping you identify new opportunities.

Our Approach to Outbound Lead Generation

Acquire a lead generation team that builds brand awareness and drive marketing leads to your sales team.


Identifying your ICP and the Buyer Personas within the organizations you would like to reach out to.


Digesting your value proposition and write tailored emails that will catch the interest of your target audience​.


Launching email and LinkedIn campaigns that will create sales momentum​.

Warm Leads

Uploading a warm lead list directly to your CRM with accurate contact information​.

As a result then your team will turn warm leads into promising opportunities.


Data Cleaning and Enrichment

We invest heavily in sales intelligence platform allowing us to have accurate contact information and generate growth.

Fully Automated Process

Latest Technologies

We implement our own tech stack creating a robust sales development process that drive leads to HubSpot or Salesforce.

Report Analysis

Sales Development Monitoring

We create a sales dev dashboard to share the sales development performance such as number of contacts engaged, emails sent, follow-up, replies ect.

Digital Approach

Digitally engage your targeted audience

We use an omni-channel approach that builds brand awareness and catch the interest of your targets.

We get market feedback and leads

B2B Data Sourcing​

Our team will source all relevant data to your ideal customer profile and buyer persona. From company, phone numbers, to emails, and LinkedIn profile.

Data Cleaning and Enrichment

Our team will enhance all prospect data to provide most updated phone numbers, and emails to increase conversation possibilities. ​

B2B Custom Data Research​

Our team will do the research needed on specific areas you want to target and provide you with recommendations and guidance through the process.

Send cold emails that get replies

We deliver warm leads to your CRM for your sales team to follow-up with

Our Approach to Inbound Lead Generation

Acquire a lead generation team that builds brand awareness and drive marketing leads to your sales team.

Strategy and Plan

Identifying your Ideal Customer profile (ICP) and Buyer Personas. Define content creation and related marketing messaging and campaigns.

HubSpot Implementation

Setting up Marketing HubSpot within the omni-channel marketing strategy.

Generating Interest

Launching email and LinkedIn campaigns to inbound targeted leads to create significant interest.

Qualifying Interest

Based on scoring, uploading a warm inbound lead list directly to your CRM with accurate contact information​.

We Get Market Feedback and Leads

Identifying the Targets

With your insight, we will identify and analyze your target audience based on your product development roadmap as well as researching competitors to see how they are generating Inbound leads to then create a content roadmap.

LinkedIn page, Social Posts/Ads

Once targets are identified, our team will help create content directed to them. Thanks to HubSpot, tracking visitors has never been easier.

Landing Pages

Our team will create optimized and personalized landing pages, where the identified targets will put their contact information. The ones who do will then become warm inbound leads.

Email Campaigns to Nurture Lead

Our team will start launching educational email campaigns to the identified target audience by starting Marketing Automation (emails). We will start A/B testing messaging to see what resonates the most with which target audience.

Advanced Content Pieces

Our team will create advanced and personalized educational Marketing content (reviews, videos, blogs, case studies, articles, posts, sales deck, guides, PDFs, brochures etc.) to be sent to targets with the email campaigns or published on website/landing page.

Metrics Analysis

The last stage consists of the analysis of our findings to optimize current marketing efforts. We measure volume and quality of qualified inbound leads that can turn into sales ready leads.

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