Financial Services

Let our team provide you with comprehensive insights within multiple different sectors in the financial services industry. Our team accelerates quickly and understands the importance of your business. Our number one goal is to support your sales team in meeting their revenue targets with sales qualified meetings.

Sectors We've Served

Insurance • Reinsurance • Insurtech • Fintech • Broker Tech • Blockchain • Regulatory Compliance Cloud 

Your Sales Challenges

  • Not being able to generate enough qualified meetings 
  • Obtaining a high volume of qualified meetings 
  • Expanding into a new market within Canada, USA, and Europe
  • Creating and managing an SDR team
  • Hesitant to hire someone internally who can manage campaigns and work on multi-channel content 
  • Not having the tools necessary to find companies or prospects who may be interested in your solution

Our Sales Process

Step 1


Together, we will work to understand or optimize your value proposition. This will allow us to structure outbound calls, and email and LinkedIn campaigns around your target market.

Step 2


Once we have identified your value proposition, we can define the ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas (BP) who will receive our email and LinkedIn campaigns.

Step 3


Once your target audience has been identified and the content has been approved, we will launch campaigns.

Step 4

Follow Up

Your extended white-label sales development team will begin following up with prospects who have shown interest through signals (replies, opens, and clicks).

Step 5


Together, we will work to optimize campaigns and test different approaches until it resonates with your target audience and we obtain a higher volume of qualified meetings.

Our Sales Solutions

Do you want more qualified leads?