Sales Outsourcing

Sales Department As-A-Service

Purple Sales is an instrumental Sales Partner ready to execute your sales strategy, build your team, implement the tools, and close deals.

Acquire a robust sales engine generating revenue on your behalf at a fractional cost

We provide a turnkey end-to-end sales solution covering the entire sales cycle, representing your brand in a territory and industry of your choice. Each Sales Department comes with the best selling practices, outbound sales specialists, and latest technology.

How will Our Sales Talents work for you?

Get Onboard: 

As a first step, we need to know everything about you in order to understand your market, your value proposition and your goals. We will create sales supports to customize the customer experience. 

Sales Development: 

Your dedicated SDRs can work on an account-based approach and qualify your inbound leads.

Qualifying opportunities: 

Through multiple meetings, we match your product fit with the prospect’s needs and we convert leads into closable opportunities.

Closing Deals:

The last step of the Sales Funnel ! We assist you until the prospect has been converted into a customer. We provide an efficient and automated process facilitating the closing stage.


How is it structured ?

Sales Talents

Sales Development Representative
Account Executive
Customer Success Manager

Operational Support

Marketing Research Analyst
Campaign Strategist
VP of Sales


Sales Intelligence
Sales Engagement

Sales Department ready for scaling

The Fractionnal Sales Department has been built for a company who is willing to acquire a plug & play sales engine generating revenue at scale on a targeted market.
We sustain your market traction by providing from 3 to 20 sales talents.

Sales Talents

Our team has been trained by our founder who has 20 years of experience in complex software selling.

Operational Support

Your SDRs & Account Executives have to stay focused on prospecting & closing deals. The key to their success is the operational support team constantly sustaining the sales effort.


We provide a seamless and automated process facilitating and accelerating the closing stage.

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