Market Expansion

Test your messaging in new territories and/or industries, get meetings with your targeted audience and convert them into customers faster.

Who can use the Market Expansion Program?

The Market Expansion Program helps companies who want to expand their presence to an unfamiliar territory. We serve B2B SaaS and Business Services Providers that:

If you want to obtain qualified discussions with your target audience from the desired territories

Generate a consistent flow of leads and obtain information about who is visiting your website

The Market Expansion Program

The Market Expansion Program is a 6-month collaboration where our clients acquire an extended Sales Development team in white-label using a fully digital outbound sales methodology. We give our clients the ability to:

Target multiple different industries within the same territory

Test and optimize the value proposition until it resonates within the new market

Obtain qualified discussions and acquire first early adopters

How Does It Work?

Month 1


  • Understanding your value proposition
  • Outbound campaign planification

Month 2


  • Begin to execute campaigns roadmap
  • Email sequences go live
  • First analysis of engagements (open, click and replies)

Month 3


  • A/B message testing implementation
  • Personalization of the messaging on target audiences to increase the campaigns engagement

Month 4


  • Focus sales efforts on verticals with the most traction to increase meeting quality

Month 5


  • Clear understanding of market potential, allowing companies to make decisions based on market traction

Why use the Market Expansion Program

Low-Risk Investment – we help companies succeed while expanding to new territories by giving them strategic insights on how to penetrate the market.

Agile and Iterative Consultative Approach – To better understand the need of the new market and adapt the value proposition accordingly.

Feedback Analytics – To understand the potential of the market share that can be acquired.

Prospecting Expertise – Acquire our fully remote team with the latest technology, robust processes and best practices.

No Disruption – Your in-house sales team avoids losing sales velocity within your home market without being distracted by expansion activities.

Looking to expand your business?