Market Expansion Program

Acquiring in white label a sales development team generating qualified meetings from your desired territories

Who can use the Market Expansion Program?

The Market Expansion Program helps companies who want to expand their presence within a new territory. We serve B2B SaaS and services companies that have.

What is the Market Expansion Program?

The Market Expansion Program is a 6-month collaboration where our clients acquire an extended white label Sales Development Team using a fully digital outbound sales methodology. We give our clients the ability to:

Target multiple industries within the same territory

Test and optimize the value proposition until it resonates within the market

Obtain qualified meetings; allowing us to funnel to the sales team and gain first early adopters

Why are companies using the Market Expansion Program?

  • Low risk investment – We want to help companies make the right decision when expanding into new territory by giving them more strategic insights about how to penetrate the market
  • Better understand the need of the new market and adapt the value proposition accordingly
  • Understanding the potential of the market share that can be acquired
  • You acquire the best practices of a Sales Outsourcing firm working fully remote with the latest technology and robust processes
  • Does not disrupt your existing sales teams’ ongoing initiatives. This allows your team to continue to work on the existing pipeline and avoid losing sales velocity within your home market

How does it work?

We use a fully digital sales outbound methodology

    1. Account based approach – We define together the list of companies and buyer personas profile to target with tailored messaging
    2. A/B testing on various industries to understand and analyze which vertical get the most traction
    3. Multi-channel approach – Email Campaign – Calling – LinkedIn Cadence
    4. Strategic report providing key insights to adapt your value proposition to the targeted territory


Understanding your value proposition
Outbound Campaign Planification
Month 1


Email sequences alive First analysis of the engagement (Open, Click, Reply)
Executing the campaigns' roadmap
Month 2


A/B Testing Implementation
Pivoting and personalizing the messaging on the targeted audience to increase the campaigns engagement
Month 3


Focusing sales efforts on verticals that resonate the most increasing in meetings quality
Month 4 to 6


Clear understanding of market potential allowing companies to make decision based on market traction
Month 7

How to get started?


Email Creation, Drive Access, Sharing the Account List


slack, Microsoft Teams


Set a date to showcase your solution


Sales Deck, Case Studies, Marketing Doc


Share the sales reps calendar link


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