Market Validation Program For Early Stage Startup


We understand SaaS Founder's challenge having to allocate resources in sales to get traction from their desired markets.​

How do we help Founders during their early stage journey?

We provide a 6-month Market Validation Program allowing founders to maximize their investment in Sales Talent Resources and Product Market Fit

Sales Talent Resources

Plug-and-Play sales resources coming with streamlined processes and latest technologies in white label.

Product Market Fit

Getting insights from targeted markets and validate in which verticals your product can get a faster adoption rate.

We use an Outbound Sales Methodology having the ability of targeting simultaneously multiple verticals

Program's Journey

1. Ramp-Up

Onboarding Meeting & Setup

Email Setup
Marketing Documents
Understanding your value proposition
Persona validation

Launching Sales Activities

Email Sequence Validation
Dedicated Pitch Deck
Launching of 1st round of campaigns

2. Learn

Messaging Optimization - Phase 1

Collating & analyzing signals from the campaigns

Messaging Optimization - Phase 2

Pivoting the messaging and deck to increase the conversation rate

3. Validate

Increasing Prospecting Activities

Launching of 2nd round of campaigns
Gathering more Data

Messaging & Market Fit​

Observing Market trends based on sales feedback & understanding the tangible benefits of the solution

4. Grow

Funnel Optimization

Increased activities on verticals that resonate with the value proposition resulting in quality conversations

Customize your sales team

Grow at scale your SDR team with specialized knowledge on targeted verticals

Growing pipeline value

Strategic allocation of resources on revenue generating markets our onboarding rate and shorten your acquisition.

What can you expect from the Market Validation Program?

Average key metrics based on past and current collaborations

Contacts Generated

10,000 contacts database

Emails Sent


Emails Opened

25% rate minimum: 15,000 (Building awareness on targeted audience)

Multichannel Follow-ups





Qualified Meetings

30 to 60 (Depending on product maturity and market potential)

They Trusted Us

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