Appointment Setting

Appointment booked directly into your sales rep’s calendar by your sales development team

How will your extended sales team work?

Step 1


We define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) generating your desired targeted buyer persona list.

Step 2

Cold Email

We position your value proposition through an elaborate sales pitch thus generating interest from your targeted audience.

Step 3

Connect Call

We call prospects who have shown significant interest (Lead Scoring) from the cold email campaigns.

Step 4

Follow Up

We have a multi-channel follow-up approach to increase brand awareness as well as generate meetings.

Step 5


Your dedicated sales reps handle the discovery calls and funnel targeted buyer persona with relevant buying intent behavior to your sales pipeline.

Why Purple Sales?

Appointments booked into your sales reps calendar directly

We take care of generating highly qualified appointments so your sales reps can concentrate their efforts on closing deals.

Sales Connoisseur

Our salesforce comes from the Purple Sales Academy which has been built with over 20 years of experience in complex software selling.

Latest Sales Enablement Tools

By using a fully integrated & automated sales approach, we move through the buyer cycle faster.

Weekly Performance Tools

Data is key! We generate insightful reports that centralize and summurize every aspect of our prospecting efforts to help you in your future decision making.

How has appointment selling helped our clients?

Do you want more qualified leads?

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