Top 7 Reasons to Outsource Sales for Your Tech Business.

At one point in time, sales divisions were working in the office: working leads, building presentations, and closing sales. Those days, if not gone completely, are fading fast. The remote work culture has empowered B2B tech companies to search for new, better ways to achieve faster and more lucrative results. 

This is why many of them are turning to B2B tech sales outsourcing providers. 

Not sure if you understand how outsourcing your sales department benefits your company or why you would make that choice? There are distinct advantages that outsourcing provides, and some of them are sure to help your business thrive and your bottom line increase. Here are the top seven reasons to outsource sales for your tech business. 

Create a Sales Department Quickly.

Finding, developing, and retaining a powerful sales department requires plenty of time and resources. Hiring and training sales representatives can take months and cost several thousand dollars, as well. Outsourcing your sales enables you to avail yourself to a department that hits the ground running almost immediately.

A huge advantage to outsourcing is that there will be experts in every part of the sales cycle. Dedicated appointment setters, for example, spend most of their time doing just that. This benefits you by having highly-trained sales representatives promoting your product at every stage of the buying journey. 

New Market Penetration.

Introducing a new product can overwhelm your sales reps who are already working at their limit. Once you complete B2B market validation, outsourcing your sales to launch a new product works to your advantage. It decreases the product’s time-to-market without taking your team away from their goals. Outsourced sales representatives that are trained and productive can start appointment setting and sales prospecting without delay, which will help your rollout’s success. 

Even as an established business, you need to be able to be innovative, agile, and creative in this digital landscape. The strategies that benefit your digital evolution the most can help your businesses grow in order to compete. That is why a market validation program, like the one Purple Sales provides, can help launch a new product or service before entering a new market. If your business is searching for a low-risk business growth strategy, creating a market penetration plan should be one of the first things you consider implementing.  

Improve Processes.

Deficiencies are a necessary evil in this industry. In order to evolve, processes should always be examined for improvement. The chances are high that an outsourced sales team will pinpoint parts of your current sales process that could be improved upon. The result is the ability to proactively make needed changes so your process functions as efficiently as possible.

Amplify Your Lead Qualification.

Much of your sales representatives’ time is spent on leads that are futile. Being able to qualify leads is one of the biggest advantages outsourced sales providers can offer your B2B tech organization. Taking advantage of the high-functioning expertise of an outsourced sales force can turn this around to help sales spend their time on well-qualified leads that have a strong likelihood of turning into customers. 

Scale Your Company.

Tech companies frequently struggle with scalability and can end up mired down in the process. There are plenty of moving parts to oversee to make it work. Quickly scaling a sales department is possible with outsourcing and far easier than trying to train and retain your own sales force to accomplish it. Outsourcing your sales can take the stress out of scaling your tech company. 

Lower Costs.

Paying a sales division, complete with a mid-level executive, requires capital. When you add the tools they need, like CMS systems, laptops, and other automation services, it can be even more expensive. When you outsource sales, you aren’t responsible for these large expenditures. By paying an agreed-upon price, your business gets access to a professionally trained sales partner. You can build your business economically and spend the funds you would have spent on sales on other areas that can benefit from it. 

Increase Performance.

Missing opportunities can easily happen with an overwhelmed or inexperienced sales staff, costing your business revenue. Outsourced sales partners are trained and experienced in the nuances of big corporations and the unique challenges they encounter. There’s no time-to-market period. You also won’t have to worry about having enough representatives to do the job. 

Outsourcing your sales offers another performance advance: not worrying about turnover. Companies with sizable sales departments frequently experience high turnover rates, and that can set your sales efforts back months. B2B tech sales outsourcing means you always have a fully-staffed sales partner working leads and gaining business on your behalf. 


An agile sales partner is vital for experienced tech companies who need assistance with their sales division that are experiencing expansion with their business and their brand. Choosing to outsource your sales can offer several valuable advantages. Purple Sales can help you assist your sales department with your brand’s sales effort. Download our guide to learn more.

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