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Purple Sales is a hybrid Marketing & Sales Agency acting as your extended team in the United States, Canada and Europe to generate rapid growth

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Test out your solutions in various markets around the world.

Appointment Setting

Obtain more meetings in your sales representatives' calendars.


Build your incremental SDR Team with us.


We create your scalable sales department on-demand in white-label.

They Trusted Us

It's all about the Purple Effect

The tech industry is tremendously competitive, so your company must stand out of the crowd. What better way than by having an out-of-the-box thinking extended team working with you.

Most companies use one ocean strategy, the blue or the red, but our approach is mixing both strategies to create the ultimate balance for growth.

The Purple Ocean Strategy is the terminology that describes “red ocean” and ” blue ocean” mixing.

As a result, our clients are able to go after new untouched markets, which are new business categories, industries or regions.

By continuing to perfect and improve your current offering in new markets you can experience significant growth.

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